Jimmy Beckwith is a Christian who backs President Trump. And Jimmy Beckwith believes him to be Syrus II. He had 140K Subscribers, however he is a former Youtuber who had Blogs.

Jimmy Beckwith was removed, due to YouTube's New Rules, on Article 13. Later 2 other youtubers known as Vailskibum94 and EmpLemon reveal new info on the matter. 

End Times Prophecy News (2012 - 2018)
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News and Politics 

Country of Origin: Untied States

Original Network: Real Video

Original Language: English
Number of Seasons: 6

Number of Episodes: 8902

Running Time: 15 Mins

Other Sources: End Times Phophecy News


At the end of each Segament an ad was shown to promote the channel. That was until the end of Season 6. Starting with Season 7 the Ads were removed due to YouTube not paying him. 

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